• QEP Smart Start


    CBC Smart Start was designed to ensure all students at CBC have the tools, support, and knowledge they need in order to be successful. There are 3 main components to the CBC Smart Start QEP: 

    *Mandatory Orientation

    *Dedicated Faculty Advisor

    *My Cougar Course  

    • Mandatory Orientation -All new students will be required to attend an orientation session to learn about services and programs available at CBC. In addition to offering Cougar Day orientations during the spring, students will also have the opportunity to attend a face-to-face orientation session during the first 2 weeks of classes during the fall and spring semesters at all CBC locations. An online orientation session is also available to students, including dual credit students, at www.coastalbend.edu/newstudentorientation. For more information about upcoming student orientation sessions, please contact the Student Development Office at the CBC location nearest you.  You may click here for the Mandatory Orientation Model and Procedures. 
    • Dedicated Faculty Advisor -Students will be assigned to a faculty advisor based on their declared major, as written in our new Advising Model.  The faculty advisors are members of the CBC faculty who will help students with everything from registering for courses to referring them for tutoring services, if needed. A faculty advisor will meet with their advisees at least 3 times per semester. Furthermore, CBC faculty are going to be providing quarterly grades to all their students via the Campus Connect student portal so students can always know their grades/progress in a course.  You may click here to view the Dedicated Faculty Advising Model and Procedures  
    • My Cougar Course -A student success course, My Cougar Course (EDUC 1300), will launch in fall 2014 in an entirely new format. The course will be for all new students and will feature several modules designed to teach students about degree and career planning, study skills, money management, and other life skills that will help them in and out of the classroom. My Cougar Course/EDUC 1300 transfers as an academic core.  You  may click here for the My Cougar Course Model and Procedures  


    CBC Smart Start builds on the college’s student success agenda by utilizing data to turn initiatives into practice. All three components together will work hand-in-hand to help increase student success, learning outcomes, retention, and completion rates at all CBC sites. For more information about the CBC Smart Start QEP, please contact the QEP Director at (361) 354-2276.