• Ramirez & 3 Daughters(1)When I arrived at Bee County College in the Fall of '80 I couldn't decide whether to pursue a computer degree (Business Data Processing) or a Journalism degree.  I flipped a coin and it came up "computers".  I had great computer instructors from Leroy Robbins to Bobby Uzzell to Wallace "Bud" Webb.  I spent my first semester simply studying and then in the Spring of '81 as work-study in the audio / visual department with C.T. Caballero.  My third semester (Fall of '81) saw me move to my "field of interest" in E-154, the then "computer center" (now in the A building).  I worked as a "computer operator" during the Fall of 81.  I received valuable training from Lawrence Garcia & Frank Boldt.  In the Fall of '81 I was offered a position as night-time computer operator (mainly doing tape backups).  I jumped on it and got some more valuable experience.  I spent the Fall '81, Spring '82, and Summer '82 semesters / sessions continuing to work in that position.  I completed my A.A.S. in May of '82.  I was offered a job as "Computer Lab Instructor" in the Fall of '82.  I spent 2 years helping students in a lab environment.  And then it happened..... Mr. Bud Webb called me into his office and asked me, "Amador, how would you like to teach for us?".  He sent me up to the Dean's office, Dr. Neal McBryde, who asked me the same question.  Not wanting to sound too excited, I  told him I needed to pray about it.  Of course, after spending time with my wife in prayer, I returned the following day and said, "Yes".  I taught from the Fall of '84 until the Summer of '95 (also teaching with Upward Bound, as well as with the JTPA & Continuing Education programs).  From the Summer of '95 until the Fall of '2001 I spent time as "Multimedia Specialist" with a Title III grant.  My main goal was to teach faculty software (PowerPoint, Web Design, Learning Styles).  I returned to the classroom in the Fall of '2001 and taught until the end of Fall 2015.  In the Spring of 2014 I was appointed as Interim Director of IT for CBC.  That job become official as Director of IT on August 12, 2014.  Times have changed quite a bit..... I went from programming to application programs to digital video, graphics, and animation to Director. I work with the best team I could ask for.

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    As far as hobbies go, I love all sports & broadcasting... combine the 2 and I have spent since 2005 broadcasting with Kicker 106 (105.7 FM Beeville) and since 2007 doing "public announcer" broadcasting with the Skidmore-Tynan Bobcats Varsity Football team.  Personally, I am married to a wonderful lady and have been blessed with 5 children.  I thank GOD for all he's done. 

    Kicker 106 BroadcastEDUCATION

    A.A.S. Bee County College, '82
    B.B.A. CCSU / Texas A&M CC, '93
    Additional Graduate Studies, Texas A&M CC
    Computer Lab Operator, BCC, 1981-1982
    Computer Lab Instructor, BCC, 1982-1984
    BDP / CIT Instructor, BCC / CBC, 1984-Present
    Instructional Technologist, BCC / CBC, 1995 - Present
    Webmaster, CBC, 2002 - Present
    Director of IT, CBC, 2014 - Present
    Radio Broadcasting - 2005 - Present
    P.A. Announcing - 2007-Present 

  • Texas Distance Learning Association, April 1-4, 2014, Corpus Christi, TX

  • A demonstration for my "Keying Techniques" session at Convocation, Coastal Bend College, February 14, 2014