•  V. Reporting 

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    Any person who believes s/he has been the subject of discrimination or harassment due to sex or is aware of a member of the community who has been subject to discrimination or harassment is strongly encouraged to contact the Title IX Coordinator or any Title IX Investigator. Please see Policy FFDA Local and Policy DIAA Local for reporting procedures.  

    Coastal Bend College encourages all persons who have experienced sexual assault to seek assistance and file a criminal complaint with campus law enforcement or local law enforcement as soon as possible and to seek care from a medical facility with trained SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners) within 96 hours of the assault. 

    Further, all faculty, staff, and volunteers on campus who work with students or minors, have responsibility to report to the Title IX Coordinator any reports of sexual misconduct made to them or observed by them, to include the name of the complainant and accused, if known. Student workers also have a duty to report sexual misconduct known or observed by them to the Title IX Coordinator.


    Even employees and students not named in this protocol should be aware that Coastal Bend College strongly encourages the reporting of all sexual misconduct known or observed to the Title IX Coordinator.


    The Title IX Coordinator and Title IX Investigators oversee the resolution of complaints. Complaints against students will be investigated and resolved through the Executive Dean of Student Services Office. Complaints against employees will be investigated and resolved through the Office of Human Resources. Complaints against contractors, vendors, or other non-permanent employees will be managed by the Office of Human Resources.


    Finally, Coastal Bend College has established an anonymous reporting mechanism to enable students and employees to report anonymously and privately any policy violations known or observed. Any person may file a report directly online using Coastal Bend College’s anonymous reporting email at titleix@coastalbend.edu. Coastal Bend College will promptly and thoroughly investigate all reports of harassment as privately as practicable but cannot guarantee confidentiality. If a person reports sexual harassment using the anonymous reporting form, Coastal Bend College will investigate as thoroughly as possible given the information provided. Persons should be aware that Coastal Bend College will take all reasonable steps to investigate and respond to the complaint consistent with the information provided, to include the request not to pursue an investigation. If a reporter fails to provide his/her name or other identifiable information and the name of the accused individual, Coastal Bend College’s ability to respond may be limited.


    False Claims
    Please see FLB(Local) for Policy on reporting false claims.