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    At Coastal Bend College, students have rights and responsibilities with which they should familiarize themselves. Student rights include complaint and grievance procedures and responsibilities include the prohibition of hazing. These rights are provided to assure students are treated fairly and responsibilities are necessary for a safe and productive learning environment. Many of these rights and responsibilities are detailed in the links below. Others may be found in the college’s policy manual and in the catalog which contains the student and housing handbooks. To initiate a complaint, a student may complete a complaint form.  

    For assistance in understanding or initiating any of the processes described, please contact the Dean of Student Services at 361-354-2266.


    Reporting Student Conduct Violations 

    You may use the Incident Report for a Possible Student Conduct Violation form to report a possible student conduct violation which may result in a discipline hearing.  The form should be submitted to your counseling offices or to the offices of the Dean of Student Services.  The appropriate CBC official will review your report, seek clarification and conduct an investigation. 


    Responding to an Allegation of a Student Conduct Violation

    If you are accused of a student conduct violation, you will be contacted by the investigating CBC official.  You must respond to the summons. If you are unable to attend as requested you must contact the office to reschedule immediately and prior to the date and time established.  You have the right to be represented by a person of your choice or an individual designated by the college when you have your conference concerning your alleged violation.  You have 48 hours to obtain this person as per Policy FM (Local). 

    In situations in which CBC officials believe that the continuing presence of the student(s) poses a danger to persons or property or if the student(s) poses an ongoing threat of disrupting the academic process, the College may take immediate disciplinary action, including initiating a suspension pending a hearing, against a student. 

    At the conference, the reported violation may be dismissed, terms satisfactory to you may be established to correct or alleviate the incident, or you dispute the facts upon which the charges are based and/or the consequences of the violation.  If you dispute the charges or the consequences imposed, you may request that the charges be heard and determined by the next level of appeal as outlined in FMA (Local).  The Dean of Student Services will notify you in writing of the date, time, and place for the hearing. Please refer to Policy FMA (Local) in the Policy Manual at http://www.coastalbend.edu/Publications/ for information on the hearing procedure. 

    Revised 2/19/15