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     Roberta Kreis 



    Office number:    
    V-128 - located in the R. W. Dirks Student Services Building - Beeville Campus

    E-mail address: 

    Telephone number:   361-354-2244

    Testing Coordinator
     Located on the Beeville Campus
     R. W. Dirks Student Services Building
    Room V-128

    What type of exams are offered on the Beeville campus?  

    (1) Internet Exams
    (2) Make-up Exams 

    (3) Placement Exam - TSI Assessment
    (4) GED Exams 
    (5) Correspondence Exams

    What type of computer facility is offered in the Student Services Building and where is it located?

    In V-138 there are laptop computers available for use the SSC area.  This area houses Tutoring / Advising/ and TRIO - Student Support Services.

    In V-131 we have our testing lab which houses 28 computers.  This lab is strictly for proctored testing.  This is where internet/make-up/correspondence/special accommodation and College Placement (TSI Assessment) examinees come to take their exams.

    Helpful links:  

    Student Success Center Computer Lab Policies 

    Testing Department Homepage

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