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     Roberta Kreis 



    Office number:    
    V-104 - located in the R. W. Dirks Student Services Building - Beeville Campus

    E-mail address: 

    Telephone number:   361-354-2244

    Testing Coordinator
     Located on the Beeville Campus
     R. W. Dirks Student Services Building
    Room V-104


    What type of exams are offered on the Beeville campus?  

    (1) Internet Exams
    (2) Make-up Exams 

    (3) Placement Exam - TSI Assessment
    (4) GED Exams 
    (5) Correspondence Exams

    What type of computer facility is offered in the Student Services Buidling and where is it located?

    In V-138 there are 24 computers that are available for registered Coastal Bend College students to use.  This area houses our computer lab for registered students/ Counseling area / Testing / Tutoring.

    Students may come in to this lab to do their course work.  Microsoft office programs are installed on all of the computers.  Interenet access and other software are also available for students to use.  

    If a student has a problem with the software or printers, there is help from staff in the Student Success Center. 

    In V-118 we have our testing lab which houses 40 computers.  This lab is strictly for proctored testing.  This is where internet/make-up/correspondence/special accommodation and College Placement (Accuplacer) examinees come to take their exams.

    Helpful links:  

    Student Success Center Computer Lab Policies 

    Testing Department Homepage


    (Coastal Bend College does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, gender, age, or disability.)
    Revised on 10/3/13