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    Introducing a tailored academic journey exclusively designed for TDCJ employees. Seize the opportunity to benefit from in-district tuition rates regardless of your location and the most affordable college credit costs in the state. 

    • TDCJ employees will be designated as in-district student, regardless of their physical location and as such will enjoy the benefits of the lowest pay rate for college credits that Coastal Bend College offers. Currently, in-district tuition is set at $75 per credit hour. (employment will be verified by Coastal Bend College each semester)  
    • TDCJ employees in credit bearing courses will benefit from all services that Coastal Bend College offers, such as college advising, library services, tutoring, transfer assistance and more. 

    Convert your life experience to college credit! 

    TDCJ employees qualify for up to 14 college credit hours after one year of employment. (Converting Life experience to college credit for TDCJ employees will cost a one-time flat fee of $75)  

    Continuing Education
    A Continuing Education (CE) certificate program consists of workforce knowledge and skills identified in the same manner as those in credit programs. All CE certificate programs must be listed in the college’s approved inventory of programs and must be transcripted. 

    • TDCJ employees attending a regional training academy will receive CE hours and CE awards at no cost. A one-page registration form will be provided upon starting any TDCJ training. 
    • TDCJ employees who successfully complete the following trainings will receive an Occupational Skills Award (an award listed upon the student’s transcript and the first level of degrees and awards colleges can offer); 
    TDCJ Firearms Mastery 2 
    For course information and requirements, contact the Continuing Education Department.