•  Steps to make an appointment for the TSIA - please do the following:

    5/1/20 - Due to COVID-19 - we are not conducting face-to-face exams at any of our test centers.  Please review the TSIA Request for Remote Virtual Proctoring Vouchers site.  

    If you need assistance - please contact the Beeville Testing Department at (361) 354-2334.

    First check to see if you need to take the TSIA by reviewing the 

    If you are not TSI Exempt:

    (1) Pay the TSIA fee - ($10.00 per each section - there are three sections - Reading / Writing/ and Math - total of $30.00 if you will be taking the complete exam) Alice, Kingsville, and Pleasanton Sites - pay the fee at the Front Desk Areas on these sites.  In Beeville you will pay the fee in the Beeville Testing Department - R. W. Dirks Student Services Building - Room 131.

    (2) Fill out the TSIA Contract 
    - you will fill out the contract in the Beeville Testing Department or at the Front Desk Areas in Alice, Kingsville, and Pleasanton Sites.  Or electronically - if paying by phone - www.coastalbend.edu/tsicontract/  The TSIA Contract explains about the mandatory Pre-Assessment Activity.   

    (3) Look at the appropriate CBC Site's schedule to select a test date -
    Then go to the online scheduling site https://bookcbc1.timetap.com/

    Once you've paid the fee and received your receipt # and filled out the TSI Contract  - please go to the CBC Online Scheduling Site.

    You will first Register - to create an account / then Click Login and enter your e-mail address and the password that you created.

    Select your CBC Test Site / Session or Sessions / and then enter your information.  For the Exam Type - enter TSI.  Then in the  Course Information - you will enter TSI - Then in the TSI field- you will enter " TSI - and section /Date of when payment was made /  Receipt # / Amount paid / and that you've filled out and signed the TSI Contract.   

    Realize that appointments are made on a paid, first-come, first-serve basis.  

     Alice Site 
      Beeville Campus   Kingsville Site      Pleasanton Site   

    If you need to pay and schedule your TSIA by phone - click here

    After you've paid, filled out the TSI contract, and selected your test date you will want to review the TSIA information at www.coastalbend.edu/tsiresource/ This site has a web app that you may use to practice for the exam.  It also has tutorial videos in Mometrix that you may review for the exam.

    If you will be a Coastal Bend College student - you need to fill out and submit your Apply Texas Application (which may take up to 5 business days before CBC receives) so that a file is created for you.  You CBC ID# will be e-mailed to you from the Admissions Office.  You will need to know this number for your TSIA.

    (4) On your scheduled test date - you will need to have Photo ID (Driver's License, Texas ID Card, etc....) and know your CBC ID# if you will attend Coastal Bend College or your Social Security Number - if you will not be attending Coastal Bend College.

    Make sure that you are on time for your scheduled appointment and have your proper Photo ID.  If you bring any personal items (purses, cell phones, smart watches, electronics, books, bags, etc...) be aware that the items are not allowed by your seat while testing.  There are designated areas at each site where your personal items will need to be stored.  

    The exam is not timed.  It's a computer adaptive exam.  For each section it may take an individual anywhere from one (1) hour to three (3) hours to complete a section.  So if you need to take the complete exam, you may take anywhere from three (3) hours to nine (9) hours to complete your exam.  You will want to complete the exam within the week that you start the exam so that you exam information isn't lost over the weekend when the system is updated.

    After the exam you will be given a print-out of your TSIA Score Report.  You will need to show this report to your CBC Advisor to register for classes.

    If you need your TSIA Score Report sent to another institution - fill out the appropriate request form - TSI Assessment 
    Request form for Score Report

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