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    Testing Department College Placement Testing Contract - no longer valid after 11/16/2020.

    Starting November 16, 2020  The Pre-Assessment Activity will take the place of the TSI Contract.

    If you are not able to come to the  CBC Test Center to make your TSI Assessment reservation, please contact our Beeville Testing Office and pay the $30.00 TSI Assessment fee with a credit card and then fill out the form below and submit.  If you need assistance - please contact our Beeville Testing Department at (361) 354-2334.

    The fields with an “*” you must fill in before submitting the form. 



    I understand that the TSI Assessment is for all first time students pursuing a degree or Level II certificate.  I understand that if I am going into a Workforce Level I certificate program, I do not have to test.


    I understand that there is a $30.00 exam fee which must be paid before a reservation is made.  If I am late for my appointment time or miss the appointment, I understand that I will forfeit the $30.00.   


    I understand that all first-time CBC students must complete a “Pre-Assessment Activity” which consists of the following:  Please enter your initials in each field below – stating that you read and understand each of the four areas of the Pre-Assessment Activity”.   


      Initials here:                  (1) the importance of this assessment, [Based upon your scores on the TSI Assessment – this will decide whether you are eligible for a college level course or if you will need to take a developmental or preparation course – which will not give you college credit.  A developmental course will help you build your skills so that you will eventually be able to take a college level course.  These courses give you a foundation in the subject area that you need preparation in.  The TSI Assessment exam is very important and we want you to do as well as you possibly can.] 


    Initials here:                  (2) sample questions, [go to:  http://www.coastalbend.edu/tsiresource/ for sample questions and other resources to help you prepare for the TSI Assessment] 


    Initials here:                  (3) course options, and [Coastal Bend College offers various course options:  NCBO - Non-Course Based Course - which is a non-semester length course delivered in an intense workshop setting, Integrated Course - which is a course that integrates two areas - such as Reading and Writing together so that a student gets two courses for the time and price of one course, Lecture courses (class-room style course with instructor – face-to-face); Distance Learning courses (class-room setting, but video cameras and microphones link you to other sites with other students.  The instructor may move around from site-to-site to have face time with each area); Internet courses (do your course work from home, but some courses may have you take a proctored exam at a CBC site). 


    Initials here:                  (4) resources for students.  

    Services available for students at CBC 


    Go to:  http://www.coastalbend.edu/tutoring/ 

    Financial Aid 

    Go to: http://www.coastalbend.edu/FinAid/ 

    Title V – Laptop Computer/Calculator Loan program  

    Go to:  http://www.coastalbend.edu/tech_request/ 


    Go to:  http://lrc.coastalbend.edu/about 

    Student Success Coaching/Advisors  

    Go to:  http://www.coastalbend.edu/success-coaching/  


    Go to:  http://www.coastalbend.edu/testing/  

    Housing/Student Activities 
    Disability Services                             Go to: 

    Go to:  http://www.coastalbend.edu/StudentLife/    http://www.coastalbend.edu/disabilityservices/   



    A good site to review for additional information is http://www.coastalbend.edu/testingtips/   This is a good site if you need to work on how to prepare an essay response and there are presentations that you can listen to from our former case managers.


    Please complete your Apply Texas Application at least a week in advance of when you plan to take your TSI Assessment so that a CBC ID number is created for you to use for testing.  You will need the CBC ID number to take the TSI Assessment exam if you will be a Coastal Bend College student. 



    I am aware that I must have current picture identification and CBC ID number or SSN if I will not be a CBC student - with me when I come in for testing.


    I understand that I am not allowed to bring any electronic device (cell phone, smart watch, mp3 player, camera, etc…) into the testing room.  I will leave my personal items in my vehicle, with a friend, or will leave the items at the designated storage area in the Testing Department.  The personal items will be collected and stored at the owner’s risk.  Coastal Bend College will not be responsible for any items lost or stolen.


    I will report to the test center at least 30 minutes before test time.


    I understand that seven working days are required for re-scheduling.


    I understand that special test accommodations require documentation and two weeks’ notice.  TSI Accommodation Request Form 


    I am aware that if I do not score at college level, I will be required to take developmental courses.   



    Score(s) needed to place at College Level

    Course Placement

    Reading Comprehension


    College Level


     Essay score of 4 and Writing Multiple Choice 340 
    Essay of a 5 or higher & Writing Multiple Choice less than 340 & ABE diagnostic level of at least a 4 

    College Level



    College Level



    I also understand that there are online resources available from the CBC website.  I acknowledge that I have been encouraged to review them in an effort to help me avoid remediation. 
    The web sites follows:  http://www.coastalbend.edu/testingtips/ 


    By typing my name in the signature field, I agree to abide by the above policies. 



    Select the CBC site where you are making your reservation to test:




    Printed Name of Examinee  - First name:   
                                                       Last name:  



    E-mail Address  



    CBC ID Number 
    (If you don’t have one & will be a CBC student –go to:  Apply Texas Application - it will take a week to get a CBC ID number) in the meantime you may enter your SSN 


    Phone Number   






    Call the Beeville Testing Department at (361) 354-2334 and pay the $30.00 fee with a credit card and ask for the staff to e-mail you and the appropriate testing site a copy of the receipt.   

    If you want a Remote Voucher (take the exam with another institution) - note that you must pay CBC the TSI fee and then pay the institution that you will test with a proctor fee.  Also - in the receipt field below: enter Remote Voucher and the Beeville Receipt# along with location of where you will test - Example - Remote Voucher - Beeville # 999999 - Lone Star College. 

    The receipt # may be four (4) to six (6) digits long with a couple of letters at the beginning. 


    Receipt #  
    If you are with the TRIO Program and have received a Voucher stating that they are paying for your exam - enter the name of the TRIO Program above - Ex:  Upward Bound / Upward Bound - Rural / ETS/ etc...

     Amount Paid:    

    Name of CBC Employee that gave you receipt:     


    .  Be aware that the complete TSI Assessment can be one (1) to nine (9) hours in length.  There are three section to the exam - Reading/Writing/ and Math.  Each section could take 1 to 3 hours to complete - based upon the individual.   


    Date Choice for testing  

    If you will be testing remotely - then enter N/A in the field above. 

    If you cannot test remotely and must come to a CBC site for face-to-face testing, then you will do the following (Note that space is limited and face masks are required to be worn for the entirety of the exam session.):

    You will need to first call 361-354-2334 to pay with your credit card, submit the TSI Contract electronically, and then go to the CBC Online Scheduling Site to schedule your exam.


    Please select the areas of the TSI Assessment that you need to take: 




    Signature of Examinee     
    [When you hit submit on this form, this will serve as your electronic signature as if you were signing an official document.]                                                               


    I am agreeing to take the TSI Assessment at the Coastal Bend College  when I submit this form.  

    By entering my name above  and my date of birth below - I am granting Coastal Bend College the ability to verify any other TSIA scores that I have in the Accuplacer Platform database if I tested at another institution.   If a non-official copy of my TSIA scores from another institution are sent to the CBC Testing Department I am allowing them the right to verify the scores.  

     Here is my date of birth  so that the records can be verified.     

    Due to COVID 19 - remote virtual proctoring through Examity - a proctoring service - is available. You will schedule with that company to schedule your exam after you receive your Remote Voucher Notification through e-mail from ACCUPLACER.

    A second option is to request a CBC Proctored Remote Voucher - this will allow you to take one section at a time of the TSI exam in the safety of your home.  Then you will make your appointment using the 
    CBC Online Scheduling Site





    College Placement Testing Contract Form created – 11/26/13
    Revised 11/13/20
    (Coastal Bend College does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, gender, age, or disability.)