TSI Assessment Resources for Students


This page is to help students prepare for the TSI Assessment exam, which is the state approved college placement exam for Texas. 



TSI Content

TSI Sample Questions

WritePlacer Sample Essays

TSI Informational Brochure (before testing) -

TSI Interpreting Your Score (after testing)

TSI Preparation - PLATO/Edementum - Free Interactive Resource provided by Coastal Bend College until 8/28/15 (new 7/28/14)

There is a web app:  TSI Assessment Web App. - that students may purchase for $4.50 to prepare for the TSI Assessment.  This is not part of the $29.00 TSI Assessment fee.  If you would like to purchase this web app, you will have more interactive practice with the types of TSI Assessment questions that will be on the exam.    


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