Want to be a Tutor? 

    Coastal Bend College is seeking qualified students with a desire to help their fellow students succeed in their courses. We need tutors for all subject areas.

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     Benefits of Being a Tutor? 

    • On-campus
    • Flexible Hours
    • Professional Development
    • Serve as a Role Model
    • Earn Money (non-professionals $7.25/hour, professionals [Bachelor's Degree or higher] $10/hour)

     Become CLRA (College Learning & Reading Association) certified.


    • Must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher.
    • Must have a "B" or better in the subject area to be tutored.
    •  Attend the 2 day training course
    •  Turn in faculty recommendation form for each subject tutoring.
    •  Please submit the completed application to Travis Arreaga, Student Success Coordinator on the Beeville campus in the R.W. Dirks Student Services Building, V-149 or Emma Silvas, Student Success Coordinator in Kingsville

  • Student Success Center & TRiO Personnel who act as Tutor Coordinators:

    Alice STEM Case Manager/Tutor Coordinator
    (361) 664-2981 Ext. 3059 – beltran@coastalbend.edu

    Beeville Student Success Coordinator, Travis Arreaga, M.L.A
    (361) 354-2578- tmarreaga@coastalbend.edu


    Kingsville Student Success Coordinator, Emma Silvas

    (361) 592-1615 Ext. 4032 – silvase@coastalbend.edu

    Pleasanton Student Development Specialist, Brittney Kroll
    (830) 569-4222 Ext. 1225 – bkroll@coastalbend.edu 

    TRiO Educational Talent Search-Alice, Secretary-Tutor Coordinator, Dee Dee C. Arismendez
    (361) 664-2981 Ext. 3081 - deedeea@coastalbend.edu

     TRiO Educational Talent Search Program-Beeville, Secretary-Tutor Coordinator, Lara Malone

    (361) 354-2706 - lupegg@coastalbend.edu

    TRiO Upward Bound Program, Beeville, Cheryl Baird
    (361) 354-2716 - cheryl@coastalbend.edu

    TRiO Student Support Services Program-Beeville, Counselor, Vanessa A. Adkins
    (361) 354-2722 - vadkins@coastalbend.edu