• Professor Uzzell was born in Beeville and graduated from A C Jones High School.  He was very active in sports and music in high school. After graduation he attended Texas A&M University in Bryan TX, and received a BA degree in Mathematics.  After graduating from Texas A&M, he served a brief tour in the United States army as an office in artillery. 


    After his military tour he worked as a nuclear engineer at General Dynamics in Fort Worth, TX. He was involved in developing techniques for attempting to handle nuclear energy. During this time he attended Texas Christian University night school and received a master’s degree in mathematics. 

    When NASA moved to Houston TX, he applied with NASA and worked for NASA a good many years.  During this time he was head of a group developing optimization techniques.  These techniques were applied to the space shuttle and much of the guidance controlling the shuttle was developed by this group.  The goal was to minimize fuel which in turn maximized payload.

    All of the above required extensive computer experience and training. After many years at NASA, he and his wife (also from Beeville) decided to move back home.  He obviously took a job as an instructor at Coastal Bend College. He does have ranching interest in Beeville.  The intent was to teach a few years and retire to ranching. His first job was teaching electronics, mathematics, and physics. Alter that he moved to the computer department. He attended Texas A&M CC to take graduate level courses in computer science. His teaching experience in computers covers many areas, but his specialty is in programming, game design, operating systems, and robotics.