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Posted - 5/15/2020 -   Examity Live Proctoring Service has resumed proctoring exams.   There will be a reduced fee of $20.00 that you'll pay Examity to proctor your exam through June 15, 2020.     Make sure that you've practiced for your TSI exam by going to to study.  

Go to the Examity Student site – to make sure that your laptop computer meets the system requirements before you make your reservation.    Also review the student video from Examity (a secure online proctoring service) – so that you will understand what is required to have your exam monitored and proctored using the Examity site.   


Be aware that there will be an additional  (reduced fee of $20.00 through June 15, 2020 - due to COVID-19) $25.00 fee per Accuplacer TSI section that you will have to pay to the company Examity – who will proctor the exam virtually for you. 


You must have a current and valid Photo ID.  This could be a driver’s license, military ID, state or federal approved ID, Passport, Tribal ID card, Naturalization card, etc… When you set up your profile for the Accuplacer TSI exam to be administered – you must upload one of these forms of acceptable photo ID.   


You must test alone in a quiet room without disruptions. 


The following are not allowed during testing: 
Food, drink, calculators, and breaks. 
Therefore, you will only be able to take one section of the Accuplacer TSI at a time – Example:  TSI Reading, TSI Math, or TSI Writing.  Therefore, to complete all three portions of the Accuplacer  TSI – you will need to pay the additional 
(reduced fee of $20.00 through June 15, 2020 - due to COVID-19) $25.00 proctor fee per section.  


After you’ve tested your laptop computer for the system requirements, have verified that you have proper Photo Identification, and understand that you will have to pay Examity (the proctoring site) an additional (reduced fee of $20.00 through June 15, 2020 - due to COVID-19)$25.00 fee per Accuplacer TSI section that you will take – then you can continue to the following steps.    


Step 1a:  Call the Coastal Bend College the Beeville Testing Center - 361-354-2244 to pay for your TSI fee and get your receipt#.   Once you receive a copy of your receipt you may continue. 
You will then go to the following website and fill out and submit the TSI Contract – in the receipt# field - enter your receipt # & enter “TSI Virtual Voucher.” Each section of the exam is $10.00 which you will pay Coastal Bend College with your credit or debit card over the phone. 
Step 1b:   Make sure to e-mail the CBC Testing Department a copy of your receipt -

Step 2:  Make sure that you have applied to Coastal Bend College and have a Cougar ID# before you request a Virtual Remote Voucher.

Admissions Application

All new students who have not attended Coastal Bend College must apply through the following link:  Returning students who have  been out for one academic year must also re-apply through the following link:

Steps to Apply Texas
     Go to
     Create an account
     Click on my application
     Select two-year community college
     Choose:  Coastal Bend College
     Official social security number is required for financial aid and admissios purposes
     (If applicant has no social security number, please contact the Admissions Office at


If you will be an International student with Coastal Bend College – make sure that you complete the International Packet. 


 If you have done the above steps  click on the TSI Virtual Remote Voucher Request Form   


Created 10/16/19
Revised 5/15/20

 (Coastal Bend College does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, gender, age, or disability.)