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TSIA2 Virtual & CBC Proctored Remote Voucher Information
& Request Form

  On January 11, 2021 - the new college placement exam - which is called TSIA2 began.  

 First check to see if you need to take the TSIA2 by reviewing the   

  • TSI Exemptions  

    Not planning to be a CBC student - be aware  that CBC will administer the TSIA2 exam to only our CBC students during May - August - due to the high volume of traffic during this time.  September - April we will be glad to administer the TSIA2 exam to non-CBC students. 

There are two (2) options available if you want to take your TSIA2 exam from the safety and comfort of your home.

What do you need, to be able to test remotely from home?

  A good internet connection and a laptop or desktop computer that has a web camera with a microphone and sound.  (The following devices are not compatible with TSIA2 testing remotely - Chromebooks, Surfaces, Tablets, Pads, and Phones.)  Check the TSI system requirements before you make your reservation. 

Option 1:  Want to test at your convenience?  Then use the proctoring service – Examity - to test 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  You are allowed to take one area of the TSIA2 per session or both areas in one proctoring session.
There will be a proctoring fee of $25.00 that you will pay directly to Examity to proctor your exam.  

Option 2:  Use the CBC remote proctoring site to take one section of your TSIA2 per day.  There are limited times available, but there is no additional proctor fee.

  Make sure that you've practiced for your TSIA2 exam by going to to study. 


Make sure that you’ve applied to Coastal Bend College and have a Cougar ID# before you request a Virtual or CBC Proctored Remote Voucher. 


Option 1  - Information - Examity Testing Service - 

Go to the Examity Student Site - to make sure that your laptop or desktop computer that has a web camera and microphone, meets the   system requirements before you make your reservation.    Also review the student video from Examity (a secure online proctoring service) – so that you will understand what is required to have your exam monitored and proctored using the Examity site.           


Option 1 - Information - Be aware that there will be an additional $25.00 fee per Accuplacer TSI section that you will have to pay to the company Examity – who will proctor the exam virtually for you.  You may take all areas of the TSIA2 in one proctoring session or split up each area for a different proctoring session.    


Options 1 & 2 Information -  You must have a current and valid Photo ID.  This could be a driver’s license, military ID, state or federal approved ID, Passport, Tribal ID card, Naturalization card, etc… When you set up your profile for the Accuplacer TSIA2 exam to be administered – you must upload one of these forms of acceptable photo ID.    


Options 1 & 2 Information - You must test alone in a quiet room without disruptions.  


Options 1 & 2 Information  
The following are not allowed during testing: 
Food, drink, calculators, and breaks. 


Option 2 Information - You will only be able to take one section of the Accuplacer TSIA2 at a time – Example:  TSIA2 Math  or TSIA2 English Language Arts and Reading(ELAR) 


Option 2 Information – You will need to install Microsoft Teams App onto your computer before the CBC remote proctoring session can be started  


Option 2 InformationCBC Remote Proctoring Tester Info  

Option 2 Information - After you've submitted the form, completed the TSI Pre-Assessment Activity. and received your Voucher information - make your CBC Remotely Proctored appointment/(s) using our Online Testing Scheduler  

Steps to request a TSIA2 Virtual or CBC Proctored Remote Voucher

 Step 1 -  First pay through the Beeville Testing Center - 361-354-2334- [Mondays - Thursdays before 4 p.m.] the TSIA2 Fee of $10.00 for the Math / $20.00 for the English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) section.  

 Step 2 -  TSI -   New 2022 Mandatory Pre-Assessment Activity.  is mandatory and can take an individual 10 - 30 minutes to complete.  After you've completed the activity - you will receive a "Congratulations on completing your TSI Pre-Assessment Activity  certificate e-mail.   Forward this e-mail of your PAA Completion Certificate to    

 [Effective - After 2/28/22] you will need to complete the New 2022 Mandatory Pre-Assessment Activity.  Be aware that the examinee must forward the e-mail that they receive after they complete the new TSI Pre-Assessment Activity - showing that they've completed it to before they will be allowed to test.  If the examinee is testing with a CBC TRIO advisor - they must e-mail the proof of completion to their TRIO Advisor.    

 Step 3- Option 1 - for an Examity Virtual Voucher -
The TSI Virtual Remote Voucher Request Form     

 Step 3 - Option 2 - for a CBC Proctored Remote Voucher -
The CBC Proctored TSI Remote Voucher Request Form 


Once the Request for Voucher form and the TSIA2 Pre-Assessment Activity Completion Certificate has been e-mailed to - the Testing Department can process your request for a Voucher for Examity or a CBC Proctored Remote Voucher.  


Examity Information: 
If you don't receive a registration e-mail from Examity - please use the Chat feature on their site - and their staff can provide a temporary password or reset your password for you.  

If you've paid Examity and need a refund - please do the following:
E-mail: and include your name, e-mail address, Exam ID, and Order Number from your receipt.  
Your refund will be sent in a timely fashion.

[When you begin your proctoring session with Examity - there will be a background question asking the following:
Were you provided with information and/or an activity to help you understand all of the following:  (1) the importance of this assessment, (2) sample questions, (3) course options, and (4) resources for students?

This is referring to the Pre-Assessment Activity that you completed before a voucher was created for you.  

If you answer "no" this will stop the exam and void your voucher.  Make sure that you answer "yes" to this question so that you can test.] 


After your scores have been manually entered into Coastal Bend College's site - we will e-mail you and ask for you to login to your Cougar Den account to view your scores.  Scores are entered into Coastal Bend College’s system, one business day after you complete your exam.

When you login to your Cougar Den account - click on the "Self Service" link/ "Student Planning" tab / At the top of the screen click on "Academic"/ then click on the "Test Summary" tab.  You will then be able to view your scores.


Created 10/16/19
Revised 7/14/2022
(Coastal Bend College does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, gender, age, or disability.)