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  • IT Services Work Order Instructions

    IT Services has an online form in which you can submit work orders. You may submit your work order here and it will be assigned to:   

    Beeville: Erica Castillo, Ryan Franco, or Will Bond
    Alice: Robert Helton
    Kingsville: Nick Munoz
    Pleasanton: Benito Tamez

    IT Director: Amador Ramirez 

    The following is for the Work Order Site login information:   

    For your login Information to the work order site:    

    Erica Castillo - 2522
    Ryan Franco - 2265

    The IT Services needs better documentation of work orders submitted which will hopefully help provide better service. The tag number of the computer that is having problems must be submitted in the work order when you submit your work order. If you need help finding that tag number, please call Erica @ ext. 2522. This is imperative to having accurate documentation. 

    Single Computer (ex: office computer, one lab computer, classroom computer, etc.) Insert the 5 or 6 digit numbers (CBC tag) identifying the computer. The CBC tag number usually located in the front of the computer. In some instances it could be on the top or back of the computer. Looks similar to the following pictures.  

    Tags  CBCTags13 
    Multiple Computers (ex: updating a lab, all instructors, etc.) Insert the project number listed below for the appropriate campus (Use leading zeros)
    Beeville 1
    Alice 2
    Kingsville 3
    Pleasanton 4
    For phones please use your phone extension for your tag number. 
    Thank you!