Board of Trustees
Jeff Massengill, Board Chair
Jeff Massengill
Board Chair
Jerry Sanchez, Board Vice Chair
Jerry Sanchez
Board Vice Chair
Mercy Flynn, Board Secretary
Mercy Flynn
Board Secretary
Victor Gomez, Board Member
Victor Gomez
Board Member
Eloy Rodriguez, Board Member
Eloy Rodriguez
Board Member
Velma Elizalde, Board Member
Velma Elizalde
Board Member
Kevin Behr, Board Member
Kevin Behr
Board Member
Mailing Address of Political Subdivision
Coastal Bend College
3800 Charco Road
Beeville, TX 78102
Telephone Number: 
E-Mail Address: 
Date of Next Officer Election 
May 2, 2026
Location of Next Officer Election 
Bee County
Candidate Eligibility Requirements 
Deadline to File Candidate Application 
An application for a place on the ballot must be filed no later than 5:00 p.m. of the 78th day before election day.
Board of Trustees Places & Terms

CBC Board Trustees


Term Expires

Mercy Flynn, Secretary 1  2026 
Jeff Massengill, Chair 2    2028 
Eloy Rodriguez, Member 3    2026 
Victor Gomez, Member  4    2028 
Velma Elizalde, Member  5    2028 
Kevin Behr, Member  6    2030 
Jerry Sanchez, Vice Chair  7    2030