The Dual Credit department wants you to have all the tools necessary to reach academic success. Coastal Bend College uses the TSI Assessment as its primary tool to determine your college readiness levels in math, reading and writing. Before you meet with one of the Dual Credit team members and attend new student orientation, it's important that you take this assessment. Your test scores will determine if you are ready for college level courses, or need a bit more practice with college preparatory courses. Testing takes place at your any CBC location, at your high school (if an approved testing site) and can usually be completed in three to four hours.

The cost of of each section of the TSIA is $10

Preparation for the TSIA
It is mandatory for all student to complete the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA). Click here to to access the PAA; this activity consists of sample questions, reasons why this exam is needed, course options, and resources available to you at CBC for you to be successful in your chosen courses. Once you have reviewed all the information provided to you, this means that you have completed the PAA. When you take the assessment, the first question you will be asked is "Did you complete a pre-assessment activity?".

Scheduling of TSIA
Please click here for the entire process of scheduling your TSIA. If you have further questions, please contact the Testing Department at (361) 354-2334 or testing@coastalbend.edu.

High school students who are taking their TSI exams at institutions other than CBC

Will now be required to submit their TSIA2 Release Form through their Cougar Den. Once students have logged into their Cougar Den, they will scroll to the very bottom of the screen. Under "My Bookmarks" they will click on the CBC Online TSIA2 Cross Institution Release Form. Once students submit the form, it is automatically sent to the Coastal Bend College Beeville Testing Center for processing. The Beeville Testing Center will e-mail the examinee once their scores have been verified and entered into Coastal Bend College's system.

You can find how-to instructions here.

Waivers for TSI Requirements
Student who are non-degree seeking, enrolled in a Marketable Skills Achievement Award (MSAA) or Level I certificate program of study are waived from TSI requirements. Students will lose their TSI waived status if they enroll in courses outside of the MSAA or Level I certificate or they no longer qualify as a non-degree seeking student.

TSI Waived Courses

CBC Students seeking a Marketable Skills Achievement Award and/or a Level I Certificate in a workforce program are TSI exempt. There are some academic courses that CBC has identified as TSI waived, please click here to view these courses.


You may retake the TSI Assessment as often as you would like- subject to test availability. It is strongly recommended that you review for the exam prior to your test date.

TSI Graduation Requirements
The state of Texas requires all student graduating from Coastal Bend College with a Level II or Associate degree must meet the TSI requirements in all areas (Reading, Writing and Math).

Other Placement Examinations

For more information about these exams, please visit the CBC Testing webpage or contact their department at (361) 354-2334.
  • Placement in Foreign Language Courses
  • Department Entry Test (i.e. TEAS for Nursing)
  • Correspondence Testing
  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • Credit by Examination (ex. AP, CLEP, DANTES)
  • CBC Subject Competency Exams (ex. BCIS 1305)
Assessment Practice Exams