Coastal Bend College Department of Dual Credit

The CBC Dual Credit program is committed to offering high school students a comprehensive post-secondary educational experience that provides a foundation for continued postsecondary academic success and/or the necessary skills needed for today's workforce industries. Students gain the necessary skills needed to be successful in post-secondary education while in high school.

High School Students (Dual Credit)
High school students can enroll in CBC when they complete the current Online Dual Credit Permission Form with their high school counselor. Students should work with their high school counselors in determining appropriate class loads, considering high school and college class schedules, test scores, previous academic records, and non-academic activities.

Concurrent Enrollment
Concurrent enrollment means that a student is attending high school and college at the same time. Concurrently enrolled students receive applicable college credit for their courses, but not high school credit.

The benefits offered by CBC's dual credit program include the following:

  • Expanded academic options for college-bound high schools;
  • Minimized duplication of courses taken in high school and college;
  • Shortened time required to complete an undergraduate degree;
  • Significantly reduced cost of higher education;
  • Allows students taking workforce courses the opportunity to earn a marketable skills certificate while still in high school;
  • The decision to grant or not grant high school credit for college courses rests solely with individual high school.
Dual Credit Eligibility Requirements
  1. Be currently attending high school (public, private or home school);
  2. Complete an online CBC admissions application at 
  3. Achieve college readiness scores on TSI Assessment, SAT, ACT, or applicable state-approved high school assessment (TAKS, STAAR-EOC) to enroll in academic transfer courses or applicable high school standard to enroll in workforce courses;
  4. Submit an official high school transcript to the CBC Admissions/Registrar's Office; and
  5. Submit a completed CBC Dual Credit Permission Form with required signatures and indicating requested CBC courses.

Career Technical Education Pathways: Dual Credit students can choose to enroll in one of the CBC workforce programs while in high school (see below). Most of the courses pair well with the CTE offered at the high school. This is a great way to begin taking the courses you will need for the Associate of Applied Science in your chosen career. The first step is to complete the Level I Fundamentals Certificate.

Academic Pathway: The AS/AA degree has 42 credit hours of general education requirements, three-credit hours of degree designation and 15 hours of core curriculum courses as electives.

We always encourage students to meet with their high school counselor and Dual Credit Advisor on a regular basis to make sure you are taking the appropriate courses for "dual credit".

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