Early Development and Education

"Empowering Young Minds, Nurturing Lifelong Learners: Envisioning Excellence in Early Childhood Education"

At Coastal Bend College Early Development and Education, we are dedicated to fostering a transformative and holistic learning environment that lays the foundation for lifelong success and instills a passion for lifelong learning in our students. CBC is a leader in the field of early childhood education by embodying innovation, compassion, and dedication, while equipping our students with the knowledge, skills, and values they need to become exemplary educators and advocates for young children.


Our Vision for the Early Childhood Education is a future where our graduates are not only highly skilled educators but also compassionate advocates, visionary leaders, and lifelong learners who positively impact the lives of young children and their families. Together, we are shaping a brighter tomorrow, one child at a time.


Our mission is to illuminate pathways of excellence in the realm of early childhood education. Rooted in unwavering dedication, innovative pedagogy, and compassionate practice, we pledge to nurture the growth of exceptional educators who stand as advocates and champions for the holistic development of young children.

In fulfillment of our mission, we envision a future where the Early Childhood Education Department stands as a beacon of educational excellence, producing graduates who are not only skilled educators but also compassionate advocates, thoughtful leaders, and lifelong learners. Together, we are committed to shaping a brighter and more inclusive world for young children and their families.


Early Development and Education fosters a seamless and optimistic path towards acquiring essential skills and knowledge to embark on a fulfilling career within the realm of early childhood. This encompassing journey opens doors to various professions, including roles in childcare centers, Head Start initiatives, pre-school programs, privately-run kindergartens, and valuable positions as teacher assistants within public schools.

The Early Development and Education Program extends a range of opportunities, offering two Certificates Level 1 & 2 alongside an Associate of Applied Science Degree. A pivotal milestone for all learners is the successful completion of a comprehensive Capstone exam, marking their readiness for graduation.

CBC also offers a High School Dual Credit Certificates, Level 1, if you are interested please navigate to the dedicated section within the CBC catalog, which will provide you a comprehensive overview of this valuable educational opportunity.