• Instructors:  Please remind your student to use our online scheduling site - https://bookcbc1.timetap.com/ to make their appointments for testing.  They must have Photo ID with them when they come in for their scheduled exam.  Here is the website that you may give to your students so that they will know the CBC Testing Center's schedules - http://www.coastalbend.edu/internettesting/. 



    Coastal Bend College Exam Check Sheet
    This form must be filled out by the instructor and then when the submit button is clicked at the bottom of the page -  it will be submitted to the following Testing Center distribution list – CBCproctor@coastalbend.edu: Alice Site, Beeville Site, Kingsville Site, and Pleasanton Site  




    Input the requested information in this column: 


    Instructor’s Name:   


    Instructor's E-mail Address:

    Instructor's Phone Number:

    Please provide - so that Testing Personnel can contact you if they have questions concerning your exam instructions. 




    E-mail Address:    


    Phone #: 


    Course Name:  



    Course Number with section #:  


      CBC Location for exam to be proctored:     
      ******************************************************************* *********************************************************************************************
      If this is for a Correspondence Exam - not a CBC course exam - then enter the name of the home institution and examinee's name, e-mail address, phone number, and CBC location (note- there is a $25.00 correspondence exam fee that must be paid for each correspondence exam proctored)    Institution Name:

    Correspondence Examinee's Name:  

    Examinee's E-mail Address: 

    Examinee's Phone Number:

    CBC Location:
      ****************************************************************** *******************************************************************************************
       Please fill out and submit the Special Accommodation CBC Exam Form if you have a student who needs accommodations for testing in one of the CBC Testing Centers.  
      *************************************************************** ********************************************************************************************
      Select the type of exam to be administered -  Correspondence / Internet/ Lecture Class/ Make-Up Exam/ Etc....    


    Enter the Mode of Testing:  



     Begin date of test:  



      Begin time:   


     End date of test  



       End time:  



     Amount of time allowed for exam:  (Example – 1 hour/ 2 hours/ 75 minutes)  



     Exam #: 




     May computerized exams be given by paper back-ups if unable to access computer exams? 




     Select which of the following aids may be used.  If no aids, select the option – No aids allowed. 






     Password – (for Blackboard, Respondus, MyMathLab, etc…exams):  




     Special Instructions for proctors:  




     If you want high school counselors/ instructors to administer your exam at a high school – please list their (1) school (2) name of proctor (3) e-mail address of proctor.  We will forward the exam information to them if this area is filled out.  Otherwise, we will assume that the exam must be proctored at a CBC location.  

    [High School & other approved Non CBC site Personnel -  you will enter the password information listed on the CBC Exam Sheets while the student has their back to you – so that they do not see the password that you enter.  This is confidential information.  Make sure that the examinees leave their personal items - including cell phones, smart watches, etc... in the designated storage area.  They are not allowed to take anything but the aids the instructor has specified on this sheet to their seating area.  

    After the student completes each exam – please have them go to the following website and submit the CBC Testing Verification Form -
    http://www.coastalbend.edu/testingverificationform/  (This is mandatory and must be done for each exam administered)  





    If you need to send attachments to the Testing Personnel - such as class rosters, formula sheets, etc... - please e-mail the attachments to CBCProctor@coastalbend.edu.  

    Form created on 5/14/13
    Form revised 10/25/19 

    If you want a copy of this form for your records - hit Ctrl+P and then save as PDF file before you hit the submit button.