1st Quarter 2024 
January 2024 
01/27/2024 Burglary of sports equipment (Baseballs and Bats along with other items such as bag from the baseball stadium office. A total value of $6500. Items (Suspect from Corpus Christi arrested and items returned). Felony charges filed.  
February 2024 
02/13/2024 Class C Misdemeanor report for unwanted physical contact. The violator was identified, and the case was referred to JP Court for a hearing.  
02/29/2024 Theft of maintenance tools from the maintenance gold cart in the common area behind the Beasley building. It occurred between 11:00 a-11:30a. No suspects. 
March 26, 2024 
This is not a crime but there was a lockdown in Alice Texas by the ISD Police. Our Alice Campus as a precaution sheltered in place.  
March 30, 2024 
Vehicle vandalized in Benton Hall Parking Lot around 0300 hours. Beeville Police Report. One suspect to be prosecuted. 
March 31, 2024 
Vehicle vandalized in Benton Hall Parking Lot between 2000-2300 hours. Beeville Police Report 
2nd Quarter 2024 
04/05/2024 Nicholas Eli Gonzales was served a suspension letter and a trespass warning to get off the Coastal Bed College Property on Charco Rd, Beeville, Texas. He has until 2 pm on 04/06/2024 to vacate. He is the suspect in the vandalism of three vehicles on campus on March 30 and 31, 2024 in the Benton Hall Parking Lot.  
04/30/2024 Received a call from a resident of Corpus Christi complaining about a male student touching her grandson’s genitalia during class. Her grandson will fill out the report and turn in on 05/01/2024. Report was completed. No evidence of the allegation was found.  
3rd Quarter 2024 
No Crime Reported