Law enforcement authorities are required to inform colleges and universities when registered sex offenders indicate they plan to attend classes, live, work, or volunteer their services on a college or university campus. The law also requires that registered sex offenders personally contact and notify campus police authorities of their impending presence as well. Coastal Bend College prepares and retains an Institution of Higher Education Sex Offender Notification Form (CR-35IHE) for all registered sex offenders that notify the Coastal Bend College Police Department of their intent to attend classes at the college.

To determine which registered sex offenders have registered at Coastal Bend College, visit the Texas Public Sex Offender website.

You will be taken to the DPS Records Page. Click on “Texas Public Sex Offender Registry.” On the next page, you will find a box listing several available search methods, with one being “Institute of Higher Education.” Click on the link. The next page has an area where the name of the particular institution of interest can be chosen from a drop-down menu. (On that same page is also information explaining how the information on registered sex offenders may be used with certain caveats that are incumbent on the end-user. If searching by a person’s name, there is a checkbox, “I have read the Web Site Caveats and agree to the terms.” This is not required to search by institution alone). If searching by name, on the next page you will be presented with a data entry screen where pertinent information on the person you are researching may be entered. If searching by institution, you will be able to view the names of registered sex offenders who, at the time of their release from prison or placement on probation, indicated during their required registration with law enforcement in the county of their residence that they either were enrolled in classes at the institution or intended to do so.

It should be noted that the Texas DPS online list is not updated except during registration, which occurs either quarterly or annually, and is based on the nature and severity of the crime. Registered sex offenders are required to report status changes such as health, employment, and education to their original agency within 7 days after the change. As such, there will always be some lag in information on the DPS website. Persons who desire accurate, timely information as to which registered sex offenders are attending Coastal Bend College should contact the Coastal Bend College Police Department directly.

For additional information about Registered Sex Offenders on campus, contact the Coastal Bend College Police Department at 3800 Charco Rd, Beasley Building, Suite 1-119, Beeville, Texas 78102. (361) 354-2338.