• QLT Mandatory Orientation Subcommittee      


     Orientation Subcommittee Minutes                                   Members        


    Subcommittee Purpose: The Mandatory Orientation Subcommittee makes data driven reports related to student success, persistence, retention, and graduation/completion which are key performance indicators of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), to identify need for significant improvement in Mandatory Orientation.


    Special Guidelines, Parameters, and/or Resources;

    1.  The two Co-chairs are active members of the Quality Enhancement Plan Leadership Team (QLT) 

    2.  The committee members must consist of at least one representative from each of the following groups:  CBC Faculty, CBC Staff, CBC Student, and Community Stakeholder.  The subcommittee will have a minimum of six members and a maximum of ten.

    3.  The committee members are not members of the QLT.  The Co-chairs report the subcommittee's suggestions to the QLT.

    4.  Meetings will be scheduled by Co-chairs to be held after data reports are received.  The subcommittee will meet for a minimum of once every three months.

    5.  The QEP Director will provide Co-chairs with the required data for the subcommittee to review and make data driven suggestions for the QLT to review for possible action. 

            A.  Pre-Assessment by Students (results)

            B.  Post-Assessment by Students (results)

            C.  ZogoTech report indicating number of current students who attended one of our three modalities of orientation (Cougar Day, Face-to-Face, or Online)

    6.  All data is reviewed and compared by CBC location and modality to determine if the orientation is being equally presented to all students and if one modality is more successful than the others.  "More successful" is defined as a higher percentage of students increasing their knowledge as a result of attending the orientation.

    7.  Attendance is reviewed to determine if one modality is more highly attended than the others and to determine if all students did attend.

    8.  The subcommittee commences its work no later than October 1 annually


    Meeting Schedule:  Meetings will be held at least once every three months.  In the beginning stages of the committee's operation and during peak times when data is received, they will meet more often. 


    How Work is Communicated:  Subcommittee members' suggestions are written on a "Mandatory Orientation Change Form" and presented to the QLT by the two Co-chairs.


    Recommendations Go To:  QLT, President, and then, if needed, to Board of Trustees for final approval 

    The subcommittee aligns with the SACSCOC Requirement 3.3.2.