• Quality Leadership Team Committee Meeting

    October 18, 2013, 9:00 a.m. 

    George F.Elam - Vocational-Technical Building, Room 110  

     I. Welcome 

    *Attendees:  Heather Anderson, QEP Director/QLT Chair; Susan Smedley, QEP Writer & Director of Kingsville & Alice Site; Twila Johnson, Dean of Academics; Pete Trevino, Dean of Student Services; Julia Garcia, Dean of Workforce Training; Felipe Leal, Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Accreditation; Claire Fletcher, Data Analyst  

    II. Review of Dr. Saenz’s Evaluation of our QEP (next to last draft) 

    a. What needs to be changed/addressed? 

    *It is our understanding that we can’t change anything at this time, but we need to be able to support what we wrote and understand why we wrote it. 

    b. How do we address her concerns? 

    *Dr. Saenz had 5 concerns for us to review: 

    A) Brief description of the Institution’s QEP-add to QEP’s Executive Summary that we explained the QEP at convocation “to seek input and to develop into the approach which is now QEP.”   

    B) Analysis of the Acceptability of the QEP 

        1-An Institutional Process--*add notation to QEP that results from surveys and Focus Group Discussions indicated that faculty and students recognized the need for improved study skills and for improved awareness and use of campus resources like orientation and tutoring opportunities…   *Create Evaluation timeline for Section III.  

      2-Focus of the Plan—Get copy of Bulls Eye/Scope, Strategic    Plan, and Mission for everyone.  Ask Monica Cruz to print.  Ask students to participate in SACS group.  

      3-Institutional Capability for the Initiation, Implementation, and Completion of the Plan-Document Advisory Committee &  

    Campus Conversations 

      4-Broad-based Involvement of Institutional Constituencies—*Obtain numbers of input received from Claire.  Our Broad Based Involvement goes back to 2008 with Community Conversations.  We have constituencies from all four CBC locations. *Be sure to include broad based involvement when reviewing data to implement changes if needed. 

      5-Assessment of the Plan—Add link to the goals/outcomes mentioned elsewhere in the QEP 

    c. What documentation do we have to support our statements? 

    *Heather to collect copies of documentation from various resources indicated to her by committee. 

    III. Other 

    a. Committee requested Heather make a binder for each committee member 

    b. Consider in future to link study guide and tests to CBC email 

    c. Need web page banner telling students to check their CBC email to obtain information about their grades, etc. 

    d. Offer Opt-Out of paper mail for students and faculty 

    e. CLT Meeting—add agenda item-discussion about layering in CBC email from every avenue we have in college to contact students, i.e., assignment could be to check CBC email and link it to their personal email 

    f. Contests—check your CBC email. Give prizes such as movie tickets, bowling, free CBC haircut, CBC manicure, Sonic coupons, pizza coupons, etc. 

                         i. Send link to CBC email to submit short survey 

                        ii. Scavenger Hunt 

                       iii. Question of the day with link of where to find answer  

    IV.  Adjournment at 12:00 p.m.