• Test Out Subject Competency Procedures for Coastal Bend College   


    Step 1  - Complete Test Out Subject Competency Petition & Attach evidence of minimum requirements.

    Step 2 - Obtain approval of Faculty.

     Step 3 - Obtain approval of Advisor. 

    Step 4 - Obtain approval of Site Director. 

    Step 5 - Obtain approval of Dean or Assistant Dean.  

    Step 6 -  After obtaining the above approvals - go to the Business Office and pay the Test Out Fee. 

    Step 7 - Take the signed Petition & Receipt to Faculty or Testing Center for administration of test. 

    Step 8 - Test administrator will note grade on petition and route according to student's need (Course Credit or Course Competency). 

    Step 9 - If Course Credit is required on Transcript - then student pays Credit-by-Exam Fee at the Business Office. 

    Step 10 - The Business Office routes Petition to Registrar's Office 

    Step 11 - Registrar's Office - Course Credit or Course Competency transcipted to Coastal Bend College transcript.


    BCIS 1305 Competency Exam Procedures  

    Test Out Subject Competency Procedure 

    Test Out Subject Competency Flow Chart 

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