Transcript Request Process

***Transcript Request - Please note as of February 6, 2023 we will be utilizing the National Student Clearinghouse Transcript Portal for electronic request.***

Students may now order their transcripts from CBC entirely online.

To order a transcript by mail, click on this link.

To order transcript electronically, click on this link.

Any student with a hold on their account will not be able to request an official transcript.

Requests will be processed in the order they are received. Processing times will vary and students should make their requests as early as possible to meet any internal or external deadlines. Transcript requests may take up to a week to process during peak admissions and registration periods.

If sending a transcript to another institution, please note that some institutions are only able to accept physical transcripts sent via USPS mail, causing a delay in processing/submission. This should be taken into account when requesting a transcript.