Application Process

Veterans and eligible dependents seeking enrollment at Coastal Bend College are encouraged to contact the Veterans Office (Financial Aid Department, Cougar Center) information regarding the type of eligibility and entitlement based on VA regulations. The Veterans Affairs Advisor will assist students by providing the necessary forms, certification of courses and transmitting such information to the Department of Veterans Affairs' Regional Office.

All new eligible veterans must furnish a copy of their DD214 (member 4 copy) and active reservists must include a Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) from their reserve unit with their VA application.

Students must provide approved degree plans available through their Success Coach. The VA will only pay educational benefits for courses taken on the student's approved degree plan and any exceptions require compliance with VA rules. VA will not pay for courses previously taken and successfully completed. Transfer students should have copies of all previous college transcripts for evaluation of previous credits and military training.

Students may also apply for VA education benefits by using the online application form at