• DC Tuition and Fees

    Dual Enrollment Tuition  

    Please speak with your high school counselor to determine how your tuition and fees will be paid. Sometimes the high school pays for dual credit tuition and fees, the high school may have opted to waive the out-of-district fee for DE faculty teaching a course at your high school or you may have to pay the standard DE rate of $33/per credit hour and a one-time registration fee of $48 (3 credit hour course =$147).  

    Installment Plans 

    An installment payment plan is available to all students at the time of initial registration. The plan, which is administered by FACTS Tuition Management, is only available online through Campus Connect and requires the use of a bank account number or a credit card ($25 service fee).

    Non-Refundable Fees

    Internet Based Course Fee (in addition to regular course fee)- $50
    Installment Service Fee- $25
    Installment Late Fee- $15
    Late Registration Fee- $50
    Registration Fee- $48

    For a complete list of non-refundable fees, please refer to page 29 of the CBC Catalog.  




    Outreach Scholarships:  These scholarships are offered to a limited number of students who are majoring in specific fields or meet particular requirements determined by donor of scholarship.

    Academic Scholarships (HS graduates only):
    Student who graduate in the top 10% of their graduating class in a TEA accredited high schools are eligible if they are beginning their college education. This scholarship is an award of $500 per semester for four consecutive regular semesters.

    Coastal Bend College Scholarship (HS graduates only): These scholarships are offered to a limited number of students, providing an award of $400 per semester and students that graduated from a high school 50 or more miles away from CBC may receive a free room at the residence hall. These scholarships are open to all majors and are renewable for three semesters if the recipient successfully completes 12 semester hours each semester and maintains a 2.5 GPA. 


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